Anastasia Beverly Hills Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills, one of the reputed cosmetics brands was launched in 1997 and the driving force behind it was Anastasia Soare who was well-known for the eyebrow shaping skills. According to her, the eyebrow can give a different look, if anyone wants to draw a portrait and change the emotion; just changing the eyebrow shape works well. The brand owner was shifted from Romania to Los Angeles and started working as an aesthetician. She wanted to influence his employer with the idea that eyebrows can make or break the look of the face, but failed. So, she started her own business and the journey began from a rented room in a salon.

It is an unknown fact that Anastasia Soare is not the only one behind the creation of high-quality makeup products as she works with her daughter named Claudia. She is a behind-the-scenes person who creates the makeup for the beauties of more than 200 countries around the world. Anastasia Soare is well aware of the art of knowing her customer, which makes it possible to get the ideas of innovative product launch. She has millions of fans on social media and she keeps communicating with them to know what they love.

Anastasia cosmetics offers a wide range of makeup products including eyebrow products & palettes. When it comes to the beauty of eyebrows, it offers a variety of products that keeps them enhanced for facial beauty. There are numerous eyebrow brushes and one can choose depending on the choice to create the desired eyebrow shape. The dip brow pomade by Anastasia is water-proof brow shaping product which glides on the hair smoothly without giving a fake look. It is a creamy all-in-one brow formula which dries within no time.

The moonchild glow kit contains the luminous eyeshades which are specifically created for the perfect shimmery party look. Each colour in the kit has a unique reflecting tone, the kit gives an awesome look even when it is used as everyday wear. Another outstanding creation for appealing eyes by Anastasia is Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette with bright colours for the eyes to stand out in a crowd. The brand has never ignored the lips when it comes to creating the eye-catching look, the makeup lovers can choose from nude, bright pop or bold lipstick shades. The lip palettes with a variety of attractive shades allow mixing the different shades to create a unique one. is a one-stop source for purchasing the Anastasia products, you can get all the products at a reasonable rate.

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