Burt’s Bees Review

Established in 1980, the Burt’s Bees personal care offers the products manufactured with natural ingredients and it is shown on the packaging with a bar showing the percentage of natural ingredients. The first product of the company was a candle, it was created with the beeswax as the co-founder was running the business of honey so beeswax was left in a large quantity. The brand is famous for its beeswax lip balm which turns the lips soft and smooth. Now the company provides products for personal care and given below are some of the most loved products:

Almond and Milk Hand Cream:

Hands demand care the most as they are one of the body parts that is used the entire day so the skin of hands requires moisture as well as hydration. The cream by Burt’s Bees is created with the combination of Almond oil and Milk, both works effectively to turn the hands soft through rejuvenation. It’s not just for the hands, it can be used on the elbows and feet too for getting rid of the dry skin.

Beeswax Lip Balm:

The best treatment for the dry and cracked lips, peppermint oil is added in it for the refreshing effect. It is packed with the Vitamin E which works well in making the lips soft and heal the cracks. It is an amazing moisturizing formula that was manufactured in 1991, there is nothing artificial in it.

All Aglow Lip & Cheek Stick:

A nourishing formula infused with Jojoba Seed Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil to provide the natural glow on the skin when applied to the lips and cheeks. Coconut oil is also included in it for the required hydration of the lips and cheeks, the product for the dual purpose makes it easy to match the colour of the cheeks with the lips. The stick is not greasy and it’s easy to blend as the texture is creamy, it is available in 6 attractive shades.

More Moisturizer Boabab Conditioner:

Packed with amino acids, the conditioner helps reduce the frizziness of the hair and adds shine to them for the beautiful healthy hair. The moisturizer makes the hair soft and manageable; the ingredients are natural so there is no worry when applying to the hair. It comes with Baobab Oil which was used in old times to keep the hair safe from the harsh conditions of the environment.

The best thing about Burt’s Bees products is all of them are natural and the brand doesn’t deal in manufacturing the products that harm the body in any way. The brand is loved for the safe products it offers and you can get them from Aodour.pk with the delivery service.

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