Clinique Review

Clinique Review

Clinique skincare was established in 1968 when people didn’t bother about the idea that women can change their look through skincare and makeup. The brand is popular for producing customized solutions for skin issues. The person behind the creation of Clinique was the daughter-in-law of Estee Lauder, she got the idea after going through publishing on skincare. She began working on the idea which grabbed Lauder’s attention and she founded a brand in collaboration with a couple of dermatologists. From all the products produced by Clinique skincare for different skin types and concerns, mentioned below are the best.

Superdefense Cream:

As the name shows, the moisturizer defends the skin from the harmful UV rays which is mandatory to avoid multiple skin problems. It’s enough for the whole day protection and hydration, it also acts as a barrier against the environmental irritants. It’s a silky lightweight formula that also assists in handling the signs of ageing in which protection against the sun rays is included as it is a common reason for wrinkle appearance.

Repairwear Uplifting Cream:

It’s a skin firming cream to boost the natural collagen to make it tight, it helps in minimizing the fine lines which are necessary to keep the skin give youthful look even in the old age. It’s good for the dry and combination skin, but it is not recommended for the oily skin.

Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Foundation:

Foundation is the base of makeup products as suggested by its name and it can protect or create troubles for the skin. A foundation is excellent if it doesn’t make the skin dry and the foundation by Clinique works well in keeping the skin hydrated all day long. It treats the patches on the skin which are the reason for uneven skin tone and it offers undetectable coverage for the dark spots. It is water-proof, so sweating or humidity will not smudge it. It turns the skin look perfect and the unbelievable fact about the product is it comes in 56 shades, so its super easy to get a colour for every skin tone.

Chubby Stick Lip Balm:

The face beauty is incomplete if the pout is not plump and soft, but the chubby stick can make it smooth and lovely with the moisturizing feature. The formula infused with shea butter provides the sheen and makes the lips delicate. Nothing can turn the lips seducing in the winter season other than the lip balm by Clinique and the great thing is balm comes in attractive hues. So, girls can grab all for application to complement their outfit.

Clinique is a widely known brand to get effective skincare and makeup products. You can visit to choose and order the required products, delivery service is also available.

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