Dr. Botanicals Review

Dr. Botanicals Review

Dr. Botanicals skincare was created six decades ago by a chemist named Richard Walker, who was working with nature to produce the skincare products that don’t harm in any way. The brand manufactures products for every skin type and people with sensitive skin can find the right product suiting their skin from Dr. Botanicals skincare. A team of specialists is working under the brand to create products with unique formulas and all of them go in the market after proper testing. Given below are a few successful launches by the company:

Superfood Reviving and Cleansing Bar:

A coconut oil-infused formula rejuvenates the skin and exfoliates for cleansing which is demanded the fresh appearance. The active constituents go deep down to work for the nourished tone and provide the required nutrients for maintaining the health of the skin. It’s a superfood for the body as the combination of Cocoa and coconut is beneficial in reviving the skin.

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil:

Relaxing is mandatory to wake up fresh in the morning, so it’s the best thing to calm down the mood. Everyone gets tired as the routine of every person is hectic and no one can work properly if the mind is not relaxed at night. Just a drop on the wrist or behind the ear works well in providing the calming effect. The spicy scent of cinnamon blended with the mesmerizing aroma balances the mood and makes the person feel great, so it’s a good solution of tired mind and body.

Cotton Candy Raspberry Bath Bomb:

Not all the bath bombs come with the nourishing benefits, but those created by Dr. Botanicals come with the oils that nourish the skin. The fragrance boosts the mood while taking the bath and it is not available in just one flavour, you can choose from a wide range depending on your choice and benefits.

Sensuous Dark Shea Butter Cream:

A formula with the combination of vitamins and power of botanicals is best for hydrating the skin and fruit oil relieves the itchy skin. It repairs the damaged skin which is caused by the environmental factors and provides the nourishment for the soft silky feel. It’s not just a cream for summer, it can also be used in the winter season for the healthy skin. Nothing can beat this hydrating cream when it’s the matter of maintaining the skin’s condition.

The mixture of botanicals produces beneficial products for the skin and the team at Dr. Botanicals is working hard to extract the advantages offered by flowers. There is no need to visit the physical store to get the products by Dr. Botanicals as you can order them from Aodour.pk while sitting at home.

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