Drunk Elephant Review

From a bar cleanser seller to a founder of the brand, Tiffany Masterson got fame for manufacturing the skincare products after launching Drunk Elephant in 2013. She never wanted to be an entrepreneur, but a good response to the bar cleanser from the customers made her curious about how the skin responds to the products and which are the benefits offered by different ingredients. From starting to create the bars with extensive research to the manufacturing of various beneficial skincare products, Drunk Elephant skincare is now a well-known brand and some of its widely used products are mentioned below:

Umbra Tint SPF 30:

Sunscreen is the most demanded product by the skin because going outside under the sun is necessary and sunrays are there to damage the collagen. The Umbra tint formula is infused with fruits and flower extracts which help in fighting the signs of ageing for which the reason is sun rays. The sunscreen covers the upper layer of the skin, so the UV rays can’t affect it. SPF 30 not only acts as a barrier but also locks the moisture in the skin which improves the elasticity and assists in reducing the wrinkles, it bestows the shine. The non-irritating product makes the skin healthy and radiant for the youthful attractive appearance.

T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial:

The facial treats the skin carefully with milk thistle and helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells that give a dull and rough look. It exfoliates the pores for the clear complexion, it never leaves any area of the skin red. It provides a healthy glow and adds elasticity to the skin which is required to keep it free of wrinkles. The product is free of essential oils and scents which are irritating for some people, so everyone can use this facial regardless of the skin type.

Slaai Makeup Cleanser:

An amazing cleanser to remove even the last bit of makeup and everything applied to the face which is mandatory to keep the skin healthy. It provides a soothing effect to the skin and removes the grime accumulated in the pores otherwise it becomes the reason for acne which leaves dark spots or scars. The formula is innovative as the oil is converted to milk when mixed with water, it’s great to get the dewy glow because it’s a mixture of nourishing ingredients. There is no silicon or fragrance added to the product which makes it safe to use on every skin type. It doesn’t contain anything damaging so, there is no issue in applying around the eyes.

Drunk Elephant is providing high-quality skincare products to the people around the world for the past many years and the benefits the products come with makes them matchless. You can order the products from Aodour.pk with the delivery service to get the products at the doorstep.

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