Essence Review


Essence cosmetics was launched by Christina, who desires to add something new and colourful to the serious world of cosmetics. She believes that beauty doesn’t have to be so serious, it doesn’t have to cost a lot and a person should have fun while doing it. It’s a fun brand with innovative products that never sacrifice on the quality and offer them in an affordable range. The pocket-friendly products are available in 50 countries around the world. People loved the lash princess false lash mascara the most. Here are a few great launches by Essence cosmetics.

Camouflage + Matt Concealer for Spotless Appearance:

Do you want to appear flawless? Camouflage + matt concealer is the best choice for covering the spots and the dark circles which is a serious issue faced by almost every second person. Pimples pop up and they leave the marks behind which makes the skin imperfect, but the concealer makes them disappear and it’s a waterproof formula that never accumulates between the fine lines. It gives a clean look and leaves the skin look bright as well as smooth.

I Love Extreme Volume Mascara for Enhanced Volume:

As the name suggests, the mascara is created for adding volume to the lashes and people love it for the work it does. The mascara has variations, the brushes are specifically manufactured for volumizing and increasing the length of the eyelashes. The consumer can choose from multiple brush shapes depending on the demand.

Ola Rio Eyeshadow Palette for Shimmery Eyes:

The easily blendable and highly pigmented eyeshadows can give a light or bold look as there are various colours. Some of them have light while others have dark tones. The shades of the Essence are with glitter but they are not glossy, the consumer enjoys the matte look.

Kajal Pencil for defining Perfectly:

Eyes need to be defined for a perfect look and Kajal Pencil is appreciable for creating a flawless defining line. A person has to face no hassle applying it and it creates a smooth line without breaks. The kajal pencil is available in different shades and each colour gives a unique look. It stays on the place all day long as the constituents are combined in proportions to provide just the right consistency.

Ordering Essence cosmetics at home is possible with and anyone can order the product of other international brands as well. The products are delivered at the doorstep to ease the buying process.

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