Facts You Need To Know About Face Wash

Washing face is simple and there is no complexity around it but it is the task that requires the most focus. The face is the most noticed body part and the skin over it gets damaged the most because the environment affects it negatively. Here are a few facts which everyone should know about face wash:

  • Fact No 1: Harsh scrubbing cleanse deep down the skin

Harsh treatment of skin damages it and people who think scrubbing face with hard hands cleanses the skin and pores deeply are wrong. It is crucial to deep cleanse the pores but not harshly and deep pore cleanser by Biore comes with the charcoal to treat the skin gently.

  • Fact No 2: No need to wash hands before washing face

It’s a misconception that hands are not required to be washed prior to using them for washing the face. Hands are full of dirt and bacteria which are not visible but if they are not washed properly then there are chances of bacteria harming the skin. So, it is necessary to wash the hands but washing with the face cleanser is not necessary. Face cleanser by E.L.F is the best face wash to clear the dirt away and it works best as a makeup remover. It contains citric acid which helps sweep away the dirt as well as remove every bit of cosmetics from the face.

  • Fact No 3: Use hot water for face washing

Some people believe that washing the face with hot water kills the bacteria and clears the oil from the face but they are wrong. Hot water strips away the moisture and leaves the skin dehydrated. Lukewarm water should be used for washing the face if the skin requires to be treated fairly.

  • Fact No 4: Washing face frequently assist in deep cleaning

No, it is not true as washing the face frequently takes away the natural oils which are mandatory to keep the skin hydrated and glowing. Some ladies think that the skin should feel tight after washing the face, but if it feels right then it means no amount of natural oil left. The skin also feels tight and rough if the face cleanser contains harmful chemicals.

  • Fact No 5: You can use any face wash for any skin type

It is not right to use any wash face on any skin type as different international brands manufacture specific face washes for acne, oily, dry and combination skin types. So, a person should go for the face wash suiting his/her skin type.

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