How the Last Bit of Makeup Affects your Skin?

It’s OK to break every beauty rule, but not the one which says to remove makeup before sleeping. It’s a well-known fact that every other girl ignores to remove the makeup because of tiredness, but it is not known by many of them that it is the reason of early skin ageing and multiple skin issues. Girls love to wear sunscreen when stepping out under the sun to keep the skin wrinkle-free, but they forget the harms of makeup when it is left on the face overnight. Here is how even the last bit of makeup affects the skin negatively and you need to know it.

Congested Skin:

Skin breathes as a living thing breathes to live, so makeup accumulates in the pores making them congested. It hinders the breathing process of the skin which becomes the cause of acne and wrinkles. Wearing a lot of makeup is not a reason for early ageing, but leaving it on the face for a good night’s sleep makes it dull. So, a high-quality makeup remover is a must-have in your makeup bag.

Inflamed Skin:

Skin is sensitive, dye for colour and perfume for scent are constituents in most of the cosmetics which can be a reason for inflammation. The marks left by the skin issues are hard to lighten, especially when the skin type is dry. So, even the last bit requires proper removal or you will be facing inflamed skin issues which may take several days to get cured.

Clogged Pores:

A layer of foundation on the face clogs the pores and it is something worst for the acne-prone skin. It doesn’t require much time to fill the face with the ugly pimples. The foundation should be removed with the makeup remover at the last when you are done with cleaning lips and eyes. Milani foundation is perfect for the matte finish makeup and any harmful chemical is not its constituent.

Styes & Cysts:

Makeup makes the appearance alluring, but it’s not a friend of the skin and it is a reason for cyst as well as styles. They both don’t go away with time and only a doctor can remove them, so it’s better to remove the makeup before sleeping to avoid wasting time in the hospital and suffering pain. Makeup is not worth suffering pain when you can look seducing with it and can avoid the skin issues by removing it properly.

It’s tempting for everyone to slide under the blanket after the hectic routine, but clear and shiny skin is worth fighting the yawns. The untidy skin which is full of dark spots due to pimples can mess with the confidence, so it’s better to use a makeup remover to get rid of the makeup residue for neat and clean appealing skin. Always prefer to get the prestige-quality makeup products for face to keep it youthful, get the products of international brand and Milani foundation from

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