I Heart Makeup Review

The brand is established by a famous makeup production house that launched a few other reputed makeup brands as well including freedom makeup and makeup obsession. The pigmented products give the awesome look as they are manufactured with quality constituents, mentioned below are some of the most loved products offered by I Heart Makeup.

Candy Queen of Hearts:

Pinkish cheeks look lovely and the blusher with the name of candy queen of hearts is awesome for the rosy cheeks. It comes with three different shades; every shade can be applied individually or they can be mixed for the shiny gloss on the cheeks. It’s not just for the cheeks, eyes can be adorned with any of the shade as demanded by the dress.

Goddess of Faith:

It is a golden coloured highlighter to create the illusion of brightness in the skin, the highlighter is applied to the face when the makeup is done. So, it’s the last and the best makeup product which adds glow. It is perfect for the everyday light makeup look and the celebration feels as well. So, having Goddess of faith in your makeup purse is enough for the highlighting demands.

Makeup Chocolate Palette:

For the alluring eyes, the chocolate palette can give the warm look which is best for the daylight celebrations. The colours in the palette are unique, there are pinkish and dark colours for the smokey eyes. A different look can be created with 14 different shades in the kit, you can get the hues of browns, greens, and peaches.

Hot Summer of Love:

It gives the required golden-brown look on the face; it is best to get the sun-kissed glow. It helps the skin appear radiant and shiny; it is a mush-have in the makeup bag because nothing else can give the look it does.

Bursting with Love:

It’s another blusher with the trio shades, a combination gives an attractive appearance when applied on the cheeks. The palette is heart-shaped and the blusher is baked, nothing in the blusher is harmful to the skin. The trio is perfect to apply as a bronzer and the highlighter eliminating the need to stack up the makeup bag with the separate pallet. A single blusher is enough for enhancing facial beauty.

I Heart Makeup is one of the famous cosmetics brands which launches innovative products with the creative packing, so the products look good when placed in the collection and work great in creating the desired appearance. You can order the products from Aodour.pk and can ask for the delivery service which takes less time and saves money for visiting the physical store.

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