Indie Lee Review

The brand launched by a brain tumour survivor for providing the products free of toxins and eco-friendly, so the women can look beautiful without getting their health affected adversely. She believes the diagnosis of a tumour is a gift because it made her do good for others. In 2009, she left her job and spent her earnings on producing skincare products without harmful chemicals. A few great formulations by Indie Lee skincare are listed below:

Gentle Daily Peel:

The skin gets dull even if the complexion is white and bright if it’s not exfoliated because the cells on it die and removing the dead skin cells is mandatory for the flawless shiny complexion. It’s something amazing for the people who have oily skin and they have to cope with the acne issue because the peel absorbs the excessive sebum. The flower extracts calm down the irritated or stressed skin which is caused by the harsh weather conditions. The constituents lock the hydration in the skin which is essential for keeping the skin appear youthful even in old age.

Lip Treat:

A hydrated and soft pout is alluring, the lip treat provides the required moisture which keeps the lips plump. Anything applied on the lips goes into the mouth and it’s a fact, the harmful ingredients in the lip products can negatively affect the health. So, special care is taken while formulating the products for the lips and none of the ingredients is toxic.

Whipped Body Butter:

As the name shows, the cream turns the rough skin into buttery soft no matter how much the weather is harsh. It absorbs in the skin and penetrates deep down to make the outer layer supple, it helps in improving the skin condition. It’s perfect to treat the dry patches on the skin as the cream delivers richness and keeps it moisturized.

Superfruit Facial Cream:

The formula is infused with everything required for the flawless skin; it contains vitamins that are demanded to keep the skin perfect. Fruit extracts protect the complexion which can be turned dark by the surrounding atmosphere. Hyaluronic acid is also a constituent for the even tone which is much-needed for beautiful appearance which every woman desire.

Blemish Lotion:

Blemish lotion formulation is for minimizing the blemishes or dark spots on the face, it comes with an additional feature of combating the sebum. Oiliness on the skin is the cause of acne and it leaves marks that are hard to conceal. So, blemish lotion helps in managing the oil which is beneficial for individuals with oily skin type. It cleanses the pores as well for the protection from skin problems linked to the grime.

Indie Lee products are available at at a reasonable price, you can get the delivery within no time if you order from the online store.

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