Lakme Review

Lakme was introduced by a beauty expert in 1952 as the Prime Minister of India was concerned about the money women were spending on the international beauty brands. So, he ordered to create a brand to offer prestige-quality skincare and beauty products. In-depth knowledge was gathered about the skin and skin tones before launching the brand to cater to the demands of intensifying look. Lakme cosmetics is one of the well-known and reliable brands which got top ranking as Kareena Kapoor was appointed as the brand ambassador. Some of the widely used products are mentioned here.

Color Crush Nail Art:

Painting the nails with vivid colours is awesome for a super trendy look. Lakme offers shimmery matte finish nail polish in various colours to select from the sparkling shades and tell your story. You can give a silky sheen to the fingertips with the light and dark attractive shades. Go solo or combine them for the glitter-mixed effect for the dazzling appearance. It is created for lasting long, so it never wears off leaving the patches on the nails. Go for the exceptional nail art designs with the shimmery nail enamels!

CC Color Transform Cream:

A product with multiple qualities to work as a fairness cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, and concealer. So, no need to stack up the makeup purse with creams as CC Color Transform Cream can do it all. It consists of colour-changing beads that turn the dull complexion fair and it offers makeup products like finish without giving a clue of fairness cream applied on the face. Cream of white colour comes out of the tube, but the tone changes as it is blended onto the skin. It is an unrivalled product that gives a matte foundation touch and works on the skin tone at the same time. Available in two shades, Beige and Bronze to get ready for a special occasion or for everyday office routine.

Youth Infinity Skin Firming Cream:

Who doesn’t want to look young? Everyone hates the wrinkles and the saggy skin which ruins the facial beauty. The youth firming cream by Lakme comes with the collagen boosters to enhance the elasticity in the skin which prevents the fines lines. It tightens the skin to avoid the skin sagging problem and sunscreen is not required once the cream is applied in the morning. It protects the skin from the UV rays which are the cause of ageing the skin before time. It comes with features to keep the skin safe from the environmental aggressors and provides the demanded moisture which is mandatory for youthful skin.

Lakme cosmetics is a trustworthy brand to get effective skincare and unharmful beauty products for the desired results. offers products of Lakme and other brands at a discounted rate and delivers at home.

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