Life-Changing Foundation Application Tips

Almost every other woman struggles with the foundation application and sets it to get a flawless look because it’s something which can’t be ignored. It’s like preparing the canvas for painting, so if it is imperfect then the results will not be admired. The main purpose of the foundation is to make the skin clear and it should don’t give a look that something is applied to the face. Here you can find the tips to set the foundation and we will also mention the best foundation that will not melt off your face during the day. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the foundation application tips will benefit you in one way or another.

Sweep Away Flakes and Grime:

Foundation is the base as it is suggested by the name and if the foundation is not clear that how you can get a perfectly flawless look? First of all, wash the face to remove the dirt and its mandatory for the people with the oily skin as oil is secreted when a person is sleeping. If the oil or grime is not cleaned then oil blocks the pores making it hard for the skin to breath, it also interferes with the foundation making the appearance oily. The skin flakes on the dry skin also make the foundation application imperfect, so washing the face is the priority.

Treat with a Moisturizer:

Turn the skin supple by treating it with a moisturizer, it will also retain hydration the whole day. Don’t forget to allow a couple of minutes for its absorption.

Focus on Pore Treatment:

The pores are perfectly treated with the primer as it makes them appear smaller and also handles the oil if the skin is oily as it is much-needed to avoid the cakey look.

Even out Skin Tone:

Women use makeup to enhance their features, conceal the blemishes and hiding the scars or dark spots. So, the concealer should be applied after the primer to hide the redness and spots. There is a specific colour for camouflaging blemishes on different skin tones, green concealer is used to even out the redness and peach is used for hiding the dark spots when the skin tone is medium.

Wear Foundation for Perfect Appearance:

Applying a large amount of foundation is not a wise idea as it should be applied in a small amount and in the form of dots. The areas which require full coverage should be focused and one should begin applying foundation from there. Start spreading it outwards and with the fingers as it will give perfect application free of streaks. In the last, use a brush or sponge to balance the foundation on the whole face. Blending is the key to get a flawless appearance, blend it if there are streaks. Mac cosmetics offers Mac Foundation in various shades which are long-wearing and gives medium to full coverage with the matte effect. Go for the Mac Foundation if you are looking for camouflaging the imperfections and create a perfect base for makeup. It never melts off the face and stays throughout the day keeping the appearance alluring.

Go for the Setting:

The last step is to tap the setting powder over the foundation to lock it on the place. You can also choose setting spray and it’s totally up to you as the result will be the same.

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