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Loreal products

Loreal, one of the biggest names in the world of cosmetics was launched in 1909. A brand that offers products with an innovative formula to protect and intensify beauty has six research and development centres in different parts of the world. All the products are tested before they are made available for the customers and harmful chemicals are avoided as the cosmetics are for boosting the appearance and not for affecting it adversely. Here are some of the best launches by Loreal cosmetics for the show-stopping look.

Boost & Set Brow Mascara:

Express yourself with the perfectly defined eyebrows as the brand made the art of brow simple. The gel formula glides onto the eyebrow without any effort, it thickens the brows and fills the space if they are sparse. The brush is specifically designed for the precise application and it never smudges as the formula is water-proof for the whole day attention-grabbing look. The controlled application of gel onto the eyebrows gives the desired shape and it doesn’t give a fake appearance.

Frizz Finish Oil-in-Serum:

Shiny healthy hair is much-needed when it comes to showing off yourself, so why ignore them? Women focus on the makeup but mostly neglect the hair which gives a bad impression. The shine-boosting and hair smoothing serums by Loreal is a luxurious blend of oil that adds shine, softness, and thickness to the hair. It also tackles the frizziness and copes with the dryness to prevent the dullness. It detangles the hair and nourishes each strand for the healthy hair.

Gentle Mineral Blush:

What about natural-looks without getting the pores clogged? No one wants to give a look of tons of makeup applied on the face, so gentle mineral blush is perfect to give natural look. The hues are light and they blend on the skin. It’s safe to apply on a daily basis as it is manufactured to keep the skin breathing without blocking the pores. Ideal for the rosy cheeks, the look it creates is matchless as the formula is innovative.

Brilliant Eyes:

As the name suggests, the glitter eyeshade is for brilliant eyes. The head-turning shimmery eyeshadow is crease-resistant and it never flakes away. It lasts for hours and never gives a dim look even after the whole day tiring routine. It comes with the soft applicator and it is easily blendable, it doesn’t make the eyes feel heavy as it is created for wearing long hours. Available in a wide range of colours, perfect for the night time parties and light hues look awesome at day time.

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