Mario Badescu Review

The belief of the person founded the brand was skincare should be gentle and simple, so Mario Badescu launched her skincare line manufactured with the organic ingredients a few years after she opened her salon. She named her salon and skincare products on her name and it is famous all around the globe for providing outstanding skincare solutions. Her salon was reputed for providing the high-quality facial and an estimated two hundred facials were performed in a day and she started experimenting as well as testing her products in her salon. Over 2 hundred products for the skincare are launched till now and people are loving them, here are some of the best launches by Mario Badescu skincare:

Cleansing Milk with Carnation & Rice Oil:

Proper cleansing is mandatory to keep the skin alive and fresh especially after the skin is covered with the makeup for the whole day. Cleansing milk with the rice bran oil comes with the qualities to clear the pores while providing nourishment to the skin. It is great for the dry skin as it moisturizes and helps get rid of the flakes, it turns the stressed skin into plump. It’s the solution of dehydrated skin and it wipes away the impurities which are left by the cosmetics. Gentle massage is enough to get the smooth healthy skin for the impressive appearance.

Almond & Honey Scrub:

An outstanding fusion of honey and almond oil works well in clearing the pores, it makes the complexion radiant. The scrub is awesome to get the glowing and shiny skin, honey is great for the soft feel. It’s an exfoliation scrub that treats the skin gently and removes the dead skin cells without damaging the outer layer which keeps the body safe from the environmental aggressors.

Rose Lip Balm:

Lips get dry and cracks appear on them in winters but this issue is not specific to a season, so special care is required when it’s the matter of a plump pout for the alluring appearance. The lip balm contains mesmerizing fragrance, it is infused with the butter and oils to provide the softness. Applying it when going to bed gives the smooth and nourished pout in the morning. The balm sweeps away the dead cells over the lips and renews them, it also restores the moisture.

The brand offers skincare products for taking care of the body from head to toe, it’s a well-known brand for providing the solution for the common skin problems. All the products are effective and they provide outstanding results that’s why women love to treat their skin with the Mario Badescu products. You can order the products from and can get them while sitting at home at your doorstep in a few days, so your skincare catering products are a couple of clicks away!

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