Missha Review

A Korean brand offering high-quality skincare and makeup products was launched in 2009, it is reputed as the manufacturer of low-priced duplications of expensive brands. Missha skincare has hired models for the advertisement and it gained popularity. From all the products offered by Missha cosmetics, here are a few which people love to use:

Perfect Eyebrow Styler:

Eyebrows create a powerful impression if they are shaped perfectly, the eyebrow styler is perfect to give a soft look without creating the harsh lines. It is not hard to use as the tip is specifically designed to make a defined shape and the colour never gives a fake look. It is simple to achieve the desired shape of the eyebrows, it is sweat-resistant so it never smudges and stays on the place for long hours.

Time Revolution Youth Cream:

It works well for the individuals who want to look youthful as the cream is great to make the person look younger than the actual age. The cream comes with the rejuvenating formula to work on the dead skin cells, dryness and the elasticity which is mandatory for the firm and wrinkle-free skin. The reason for fine lines on the face is the loss of firmness and the complexion turns dull if not treated fairly, the cream tackles the skin damages as well. The cream contains floral fragrance which makes the person smell awesome, it strengthens the skin which is greatly required for the youthful appearance.

Wonder Foot Peeling Mask:

Foot care is necessary to show how much a person cares for him/herself and the cracked feet give a bad impression. Feet demand special care and wonder foot peeling mask helps get rid of the dead skin cells making them untidy. Calluses can be removed with the constant use of a peeling mask for 5 to 6 days; the mask leaves them soft and clear of impurities. The mask is full of vegetable constituents which provides the moisture to the dry heels.

Love Secret Hand Cream:

Hands are the most used part of the body, so constant care is demanded which just one product with moisturizing and healing constituents like love secret hand cream is enough. The consistency of the cream is thick as it comes with the required moisture to turn the hands soft as well as shiny. It is not greasy and absorbs in the skin, it doesn’t give a sticky feeling. The packing of the cream is attractive and it is easy to carry when travelling. Nothing else is required for the hands care when you have love secret cream in the bag.

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