Mistine Review

Established in 1988, the brand now ranks on the 33rd position in the world top brands list for providing prestige-quality products to boost the appearance. To cater to the diversified demands of the ladies living in different parts of the world, the brand offers more than two thousand products. The skincare products are low-priced, so everyone can afford them and keep the skin healthy. The brand has won multiple awards till now for keeping the customer satisfied and the here are a few best launches by Mistine cosmetics.

Supermodel Miracle Mascara:

Eyes are the most expressive part of the face; they can leave a lasting impact if they are adorned well and supermodel miracle mascara works perfectly in making them dense. It not just adds to the density of the eyelashes, but also adds to the length making them appear longer. It is easily removable and never smudges, stays on the eyes for more than 12 hours without giving a rough look.

Natural Beauty in Summer Lotion:

Skin demands exfoliation for looking shiny, the dead skin cells make it give untidy look. The great thing about the lotion is it protects the skin from the UV rays and not all the body lotions come with this additional quality. It is alone enough to keep the skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun and provide the required moisture which is demanded by the skin to stay bright.

Aqua Base Sun Body Spray:

It is not possible to avoid the sun as the person needs to go out for multiple tasks and for the people who work in offices, it’s necessary to keep the skin protected from the harmful rays that damage the collagen. Mistine offers protection from the sun in the shape of spray, it is easy to apply on the face and other exposed body parts. It is not greasy and gives a matte finish, it is necessary to apply it as a barrier to avoid the ageing in young age. The sun rays are a reason for fine lines in many cases as it directly affects the collagen and wrinkles appear to give a bad impression.

Black Fixed Liner:

The water-proof mascara has the fixed tip for the precise application, it is a long stay formula and leaves an intense colour which beautifies the eyes. The pointed tip helps in the unique styling of the eyes, it’s not hard to apply cat style or winged liner as the tip is designed for the accurate application.

Mistine is providing prime-quality skincare and makeup products for the past a lot of years and the customers love them because of the results. You can purchase Mistine products from Aodour.pk and order them without any hassle to get at home.

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