Skincare Routine to Prevent Photoaging

We all have heard the word photoaging but not all of us know its meaning, it is an alternative word for premature aging. In the modern era, premature aging is not rare. People remain busy in their strict routine and they forget to take care of their skin. Most of the individuals have forgotten the fact that skin keeps them protected from the extrinsic aggressors. So, taking care of it is crucial to appear impressive. Individuals nowadays don’t bother to wear sunscreen and they end up facing premature aging as ultraviolet rays penetrate the uppermost layer. It damages the inner layers as well; collagen is damaged and abnormal elastin is produced in a large amount which causes serious issues. The overall skin structure is disturbed which leads to wrinkles, skin sagging and hyperpigmentation. Given below are the steps and skincare products with which one can ignore premature aging:

  • Start with washing the face:

The day should be started with washing away the impurities. The dirt in the pores should be cleansed for keeping the skin healthy and skincare starts with it. Use a mild gel cleanser, COSRX Good Morning Gel Cleanser works well in cleaning away the grime.

  • Exfoliate the skin gently:

It is not something required daily because it can damage the skin. Exfoliating the skin gently is what the outer layer demands. The main purpose of exfoliation is getting rid of the dead skin cells which block the breathing way of skin.

  • Apply moisturizer to treat pores:

Moisturizer is essential for the skin when it is exfoliated because the pores are open. But don’t skip applying a moisturizer even when the skin is not exfoliated as it is crucial to hydrate the skin.

  • Wear SPF for skin protection:

It is the predominant step as it is the defense against sun rays which are the reason for photoaging. Sun rays are the culprit behind premature aging as they speed up the aging process. They interfere with the skin’s natural process and creates a disturbance.

What to avoid to prevent premature aging:

  • Internal dehydration:

People don’t bother to focus on the amount of water they intake in a day. Drinking less amount of water dehydrates the body as well as skin.

  • Lack of sleep:

Not enjoying enough sleep of 8 hours disturbs the skin natural process and it leads to premature aging.

Lack of sleep means wrinkles and dark circles. An individual should apply a moisturizer or serum before going to bed. NIACINAMIDE 10% + ZINC 1% Mineral Blemish Formula by The Ordinary Skincare is an effective serum for providing the hydration to the skin at night.

  • Control stress:

Stress leads to multiple health issues and premature aging is one of them. Controlling stress is essential to keep the skin healthy and away from premature aging.

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