The Face Shop Review

The brand launched in 1947 and named The Face Shop, but it offers the skincare products for the body parts from head to toe. The company is inspired by nature, so natural constituents are used in the creation of the products to eliminate the worry of side effects. The experts formulating skincare and makeup products have years of experience in the skincare industry. Cosmetics by The Face Shop skincare are accessible in many countries around the world, so the women can enhance their features and also take proper care of their skin for the seducing look. Have a look at the features of the most selling products of the brand:

Power long-lasting:

It is not a well-known fact that the sun is the skin’s enemy and it affects adversely on the skin. It is mandatory to keep the skin covered when going out because the sun rays penetrate the skin and disturb the natural function. Power long-lasting comes with multiple functions including fulfilling the requirement of foundation on the face and skin tone correction. It creates a cushion on the skin, so the UV rays can’t reach the skin and dehydrate it. Applying power long-lasting helps the individual enjoy clear skin free from spots, freckles, and wrinkles. The cream comes with the following features:

  • Minimizing fine lines
  • Providing nutrition
  • UV rays protection
  • Reducing spots and freckles

Gold collagen foundation:

It covers the imperfections on the face and also works for the whitening, it lasts for long hours eliminating the requirement of any other skincare product. It keeps the skin safe from the UV rays which are disastrous and also improves the fine lines making the person look old. The foundation is alone enough to make them look alluring by concealing the spots and uneven skin tone. The product is not manufactured for a specific skin type, it can be applied on any skin either oily or dry. The result of the foundation will be perfect on both skin types. You can see the qualities of the foundation here before purchasing it:

  • Decreasing wrinkles
  • Protection from sun damage
  • Skin whitening

Essence lip balm:

Lips get dehydrated and cracked if they are not moisturized like the skin, they need the care to stay plump and give a soft feel. Available in two shades, one is light and the other is a little bit on the darker side. Both give awesome hue on the lips and you can get the benefits which are mentioned below:

  • Soft plump lips
  • Hydrated pout
  • Protection from sun
  • Moisturized pinkish lips

The Face Shop is a reputed brand in the cosmetics industry, you can enjoy the qualities of the innovatively formulated products by ordering them from No need to step out for getting skincare products, browse the online store and get them with the delivery service.

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