What are Scars and How to Banish Them?

What are Scars and How to Banish Them

Skin is the delicate covering of the body; it is just like silk which damages with even a light stroke and it makes a big difference in the appearance. Scars are not bad themselves as they are for healing the wound, but the texture is loathsome. They replace healthy skin when an injury or wound is cured. It is collagen that is produced by the human system and the healing process starts. The newly appeared scars take less effort in fading away while the old scars are difficult to purge. People with acne-prone skin knows the struggle required for dealing with hyperpigmentation and scars. Breakouts leave blemishes as well as scars, minimizing them takes too much effort. Here you will get to know types and how to banish scars appearance:

Factors Affecting Scar Appearance:

  • Scar appearance varies in each case depending on the factors affecting it.
  • The thickness of the scar and its texture varies depending on the genes.
  • The collagen gathers on the area to heal the wound of acne and injury appears in a different form.
  • Part of the body on which a scar appears makes it different according to the thickness and thinness of the skin.
  • Skin type matters when a scar is formed.

Know about the Types of scars:

  • Keloids, dark raised scar:

This type of scar is not on just the wound, it continues to grow even after the skin issue is cured. It is usually darker in tone as compared to the skin complexion around it. They appear on the body parts which are frequently moved and the skin stretches. The appearance can be minimized by choosing the right skincare products formulated with innovative formula.

  • Atrophic, dent in the skin:

It covers the area from which the collagen is damaged, it is just like a dent. A hole is created in the skin which makes the skin uneven.

  • Hypertrophic, redness on scar:

Not all the scars are red in color, but this type of scars are not only reddish but itchy as well. A person has to experience the pain after itching. They take many years to fade away as they are stubborn.

  • Contracture stretched skin:

They mostly appear after the burn is treated; the skin stretches when the collagen works to cure the skin. In some cases, they affect the nerves if the wound it over them.

Ways to minimize scars’ appearance?

From many skincare products for scars available in the market, given below are some with the best results:

  • Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%: (The Ordinary Skincare)

The brand is known for producing effective skincare products that show magic as promised. The scar solution formulated by  The Ordinary Skincare treats the skin fairly in getting the affected area back as normal. It comes with the serum consistency and it doesn’t contain oil. The solution can be used on the acne-prone skin and the best thing is it doesn’t block the pores.

  • Silicone Gel for Scar Reduction: (Dermatix)

The transparent gel does wonders when it comes to minimizing scar, it also relieves the itchiness. The skin becomes smooth with the silicone gel and the color turns normal as the surrounding area.

  • Granactive Retinoid Emulsion 2%: (The Ordinary)

It is another effective solution produced by The Ordinary which is lightweight, fades away the scars and also prevents the acne.

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