5 Travel Beauty Essentials That You Should Never Forget

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Travelling is fun, but it comes with the skincare requisites and women who forget to stack their bag with the beauty essentials have to face severe issues after the enjoyment of travelling. It’s better to plan properly and here are 5 travel beauty essentials that no one should forget to pack:

Broad Spectrum SPF 30: (The Ordinary Sunscreen)

No beauty product can beat a sunscreen that minimizes the intensity of sun rays to penetrate the skin because the rays damage the collagen and skin ageing process begin. It offers additional benefits as it improves the capacity of the skin to hold water which keeps it hydrated. It’s a source of relieving stressed skin, so why say “No” to the sunscreen by The Ordinary cosmetics? The skin gets stressed while travelling either a person is on vacations or left the home for business purpose, so forgetting the sunscreen means facing skin issues in the future.

Hydro Boost Water Gel: (Neutrogena Moisturizer)

No matter what is the weather condition at the place you are going to travel, the skin requires moisture and hydration. It is a must either the weather is dry or wet as the skin demands proper care which most people forget when having fun on vacations. The Hydro Boost Water Gel by Neutrogena doesn’t take time for absorbing in the skin, it doesn’t contain oil and can be applied before the makeup application. So, the non-greasy formula is not something to ignore as it keeps the skin hydrated and fresh the whole day.

Hydro Boost Exfoliating Treatment: (Neutrogena Exfoliator)

The dead skin cells not only make the skin look rough but also affects the complexion as there is no shine on the skin. The exfoliator is manufactured with the papaya extracts that make the skin smooth. It comes with hyaluronic acid that keeps the water locked in the skin for hydration which makes it one of the best choices for travelling. Travelling doesn’t mean you should spend time with the dead cells on the skin, they can turn the good looks into bad.

Lip Primer and Plumper: (ELF Pakistan)

The environmental factors affect the lips and the cold weather is the reason for chapped lips, so they require care. Treating the lips with the right products when a person is travelling is as important as focusing on the makeup because cracked lips ruin the beauty. The lip primer and plumper by ELF cosmetics Pakistan come with two features, primer helps in keeping lipstick in its place for long and the plumper turns the lips plump.

Make-Up Remover Water: (Klorane)

Girls never want to go out without makeup as it enhances the looks, then why to forget putting makeup remover in the bag? Removing the makeup residue is essential to avoid the styes and other skin issues. It’s a safe product for sensitive areas like eyes, it doesn’t give burning sensation.

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