6 Top Makeup Tips for Beginners

6 Top Makeup Tips for Beginners

Makeup is something that no girl can ignore and it’s a fact that not all of them know how to wear it perfectly. No doubt makeup enhances the appearance and makes a lady feel confident, but it can also give a bad look if not applied in the right way. Here are the tips and tricks for the beginners which will assist in achieving the flawless look:

1. Foundation and Primer Clash:

The clash is a must to avoid otherwise both the makeup products never blend leaving the area messy. They can be oil-based or water-based, but the base should be the same. Most of the women now prefer to buy makeup online, so it’s better to check twice before finalizing the order. It’s not hard to blend and create a perfect base when both don’t repel each other.

2. Feathery Strokes for Eyebrows:

Eyebrows are an important part of the face, so defining them is mandatory for the seducing appearance. It’s not right to take an eyebrow pencil and start filling the eyebrows because only the feathery strokes can make them look real. Randomly filled eyebrows show they are fake, so feathery strokes are required for filling sparse eyebrows.

3. Downward Stroke for the Foundation:

There is a misconception that foundation can be applied in any direction like many other makeup products, but there should be only downward strokes. Every person has a layer of tiny thin hair on the face which are not visible but can be seen easily ruining the look if the foundation is applied with the upward strokes. The hair strands are made easily noticeable using the wrong technique application of foundation, so don’t forget to apply it downwards.

4. Perfectly Matte Eyeliner:

There are many women out there who struggle every time they apply eyeliner because they have no control over their hands and improper application ruins the eye makeup. Creating dots on the lash line and connecting them can assist in defining the eyes with liner perfectly. Another amazing tip for the summer season is applying the black eyeshadow as an eyeliner with a thin brush. There is no worry of incorrect application and it will not smudge when there is sweat on the skin.

5. Toothbrush your Lips:

Lips give a rough look if they are not treated with toothbrush softly before applying the lipstick because the dead skin requires to be removed for the perfect plump. Scrubbing away the flakes smoothen the lips and balm should be applied before wearing lipstick.

6. Densely Thick Lashes:

Thick eyelashes make the appearance intense and one excellent way of adding thickness is applying baby powder on it after one coat of mascara and then adding another coat over it. It adds to the volume of the lashes and makes the eyes appear WOW.

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