All You Need to Know and Facts About Makeup

All You Need to Know and Facts About Makeup

Makeup is a thing when worn by women, it makes them feel confident. But just like everything, makeup has unique and little-known facts as well. And one of many facts is that the word cosmetics is derived from the Greek language. And in the Greek language, makeup means to arrange or adorn. The makeup and fashion magazine Cosmopolitan have its roots from this origin.

Makeup goes way back, as old as in ancient Egypt. Back then for Egyptian women, makeup was the main part of keeping them hygienic and healthy. They used different kinds of pills and creams that would protect them from dry wind and harsh sun rays. They also used natural oils which they would apply as perfumes and the same natural oils were also used in different religious rituals.

If you are thinking to start a business, then it is best that you started the business of cosmetic surgery because according to the latest stats of global career development association, alone in the United States, such businesses have made more than 20 billion dollars. And since 2015, this business has gained popularity up to 220 percent worldwide.

There are some businesses which don’t need advertisement and the business of cosmetic do not need much advertisement. They just advertise once and the stores are sworn in like a storm. Mega cosmetic businesses said that they only spend less than 25 percent of their money on advertising.

According to the latest stats and reports provided by different cosmetic giants that their make department makes 18 billion dollars, by perfumes they make 15 billion dollars, via hair care they earn 38 billion dollars and via skincare, they make 24 billion dollars. So, it is high time that you can make earn by selling original cosmetics products. Did you know that the cheapest makeup and cosmetic product is the foundation brush?

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