City Color Review

California based makeup brand City Color cosmetics focuses on vibrant colours to make the beauties stand out in a crowd. The great thing about the brand is it offers the products at an affordable price and there is an extensive range of cosmetics for eyes, lips, and face. From all the high-quality products offered by  City Color cosmetics, here are a few which are loved by the customers for their texture and other unique qualities:

Glazed Lip oil for moisturized pout:

Chapped lips leave a bad impression no matter how beautiful a face is, so special care needs to be taken especially in the winter season. The Glazed Lip oil is a perfect solution of chapped lips and it makes the lips smooth. When talking about the finish, it looks glossy and keeps the lips moisturized to avoid the cracks.

Be Batty Lower Lash Mascara for a defined look:

Eyes are a focused part of the face, so high-quality makeup products are demanded to enhance the beauty of eyes for which Be Batty Lower Lash Mascara is the best choice. The brush of mascara is specially designed for mess-free application free of clumps. It separates the lashes and adds volume to them making them attractive.

Lip Color Remover for shade removal:

24 hours matte lipsticks are in trend, but they leave a bad shade even when they are removed properly. The matte lipstick dries the lips and it damages them in the process of removal, so lip colour removal by City Color is an awesome product to remove the lipstick leaving no shade at all and it nourishes the lips as well.

La Piña Eyeshadow Palette for a bold statement:

The palette is created for the bold look, the shades added in it are a combination of greens, oranges and icy. They are highly pigmented and gives a metallic finish for the shiny look. Mirror in the eyeshadow palette makes it possible to wear them anywhere anytime.

Blooming kisses for an eye-catching look:

The lipstick comes with floral print and the texture is creamy which is great for hydrating the lips. The ingredients include Vitamin A & E which gives outstanding results when applied on the lips like preventing the roughness. There are 6 different shades, so the customer can choose which suits her skin tone.

The products of City Color cosmetics and a lot of other makeup products are available at which is a one-stop source for fulfilling the makeup demands.

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