E.L.F Review


The E.L.F established in 2004 for providing premium-quality cosmetics in attractive colourful hues at a low price point and it succeeded that’s why it is now one of the famous brands in the world. The cosmetics are even available for $1 and it shows the brand is working to provide the best without breaking the budget. The name of the brand E.L.F cosmetics shows it offers products for Eyes, Lips, and Face which are sold in 17 different countries around the globe and people love to prefer them over the other brands. There are three makeup lines offered and E.L.F studio is for the artists, E.L.F essentials products are for the everyday seducing looks. E.L.F minerals makeup created with the minerals and works great on the skin; special attention is given on making the cosmetics safe and it’s the best choice because the brand is cruelty-free. Mentioned below are a few most loved products of the brand:

Corrective Concealer:

Everyone loves flawless skin, but the spots of pimples and blemishes make the skin unclear. So, the corrective concealer sleek palette is the solution and alone enough for the clear skin. The dark spots are covered as well as the blemishes leaving the skin perfect and it’s not heavy-weight, it doesn’t feel on the face. There are 4 slots with a different colour concealer in the palette, each works differently for concealing the imperfections and it’s the best way of balancing the uneven skin tone. The palette is not just in these colours, it is available with other concealer shades also offering a variety to choose from depending on the coverage required.

Pop of Glitter Gel:

A great multi-purpose product which works well as highlighter and eyeshadow, it can be added to the eyeliner or lip colour for the shimmery look. A metallic finish is mostly demanded by the ladies for a celebration, so the glitter gel is an outstanding product for the glittery look for the party feels.

Mineral Pearls:

The cosmetics products which are Vitamin-rich are unrivalled because they never damage the skin and provide additional benefits other than making the look attractive. Mineral pearls formula is infused with the Vitamins which not just makes the skin bright but makes the complexion glowing. The pearls are not tested on the furry friends and they work perfect in turning the skin shiny, so they are worth buying with no worry of the skin damage.

E.L.F cosmetics is one of the reliable brands which never affects the skin negatively as the chemicals are not utilized for manufacturing but still the products are available at an affordable rate. You can book the products offered by the brand from Aodour.pk and can get them delivered at home within no time. Cosmetics of international brands are also listed on the online store, just select and click to order.

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