Estee Lauder Review

Estee Lauder

A successful and reputed brand launched back in 1946, started producing just four products at its initial stage. Estee Lauder with her husband Joseph Lauder buckled down to provide the premium-quality and pocket-friendly skincare products. The success of the products pushed them to launch more cosmetics and they added fragrances to their brand as well.

Nutritious for Vibrant Skin:

Comparing all the parts of the body, skin demands care the most and nutritious by Estee Lauder skincare is best to recharge the skin. The pack comes with 3 products for radiant skin, it’s a whole day treatment. There is a cleansing foam, intense moist lotion and night crème. So, the skin can be pampered the entire day. Cleaning foam washes away the impurities, moist lotion locks moisture in the skin and night crème does it work while a person is sleeping.

Envy Lash Multi Effects Mascara:

Eyes can make or break the look, so they should be treated perfectly for which Envy Lash Multi Effects Mascara is appreciable. It comes with a brush that lifts up the eyelashes and adds 2x volume for the deep look. The unique thing about the mascara is condition oil which is its constituent and it makes the lashes silky soft. The mascara colour is bold black and it is not dangerous for the contact lens wearers.

Butterfly Dance Compact Powder:

Lightweight with perfecting the flaws quality, the compact powder is not only stupendous for what it offers but also it’s packing. It leaves the skin silky smooth and it never looks fake on the face. It is available in different shades to choose according to the skin tone. The powder is named as butterfly dance because of its theme. The presentation box fulfils the desire of the girls to stack up to their makeup bag with attractive products and it is refillable.

Kissable lip Shine Gloss:

Glossy lips are attractive and Kissable lip shine gloss adds shine to the lips much-needed for seducing appearance. The gloss comes in various shades from soft to bold and each shade contains the shimmer for the glazing finish. Pouring on the pout does the magic with every look. The lip glosses are packed with the oils for making them plump.
Estee Lauder skincare never compromises on the quality of its products, all the constituents are high-quality and safe to use. delivers the products of Estee Lauder and various international brands, ordering from the shop is stress-free and the products reach the customer’s home on time.

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