Etude House Review

Etude House

Established in 1966 to make the customers feel princesses. The successful cosmetics brand  “Etude House Cosmetics ” has 231 stores running around the world. The interior of the stores is princess themed and they are adorned with pink colour. The brand products are loved due to their creatively attractive packing.

Glow On:

Tiny colourful particles act together to treat dull skin, dark spots, and patches. Effectively covers the redness for clear smooth skin, balances the skin tone for a flawless finish. It boosts the skin vitality by locking the moisture. Produced with the diamond and pearls, it’s the ultimate formula for glowing skin. It stays on the face all day long and it never makes the makeup messy. Covering the face with its layer is required for the perfect look.

Dear Darling Water Gel Tint:

Water-based formula for the moist and lively lips! The creamy texture stays on the lips for the whole day and the shades make the complexion look brighter. The gel tint is great for use in all seasons, it is lightweight and doesn’t dry the lips in the winter season. So, it can be applied for keeping the lips soft in the chilly weather.

Prism in the Eye:

Extremely sparkling eyes are seducing and the desired effect can be given to the eyes with the prism in the eye shadow box. There are multiple glittery shades and each of them comes with its unique look. It looks awesome when applied under the eyes. The eyeshade is created with sophisticated technology keeping in mind the sensitivity of the eyes.

Hard Pencil:

Easily gliding formula without the breaks for the smooth eyebrow shape. Hard pencil stands out when it’s the matter of natural-looking eyebrows. It covers the empty spots without clumping and no one can get a clue that the eyebrows are filled with a pencil. The constituents are not harsh so, no worry of sensitive skin damage. The pencil is creatively shaped for the precise definition making it a wise choice for the well-defined eyebrows.

0.2 Therapy Air Mask:

Pampering the skin at the end of the day is mandatory for healthy glowing skin. Therapy air mask calms down the skin and provides the required moisture after the whole day tiring routine. The mask of the Etude House Cosmetics is available in various flavours, some of them are for wrinkle-free skin while others are for the whitening purpose.

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