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First Aid Beauty was launched in 2009 and as the name suggests, the brand deal in skincare products as an ultimate solution of skin-related issues. Lilli Gordon was behind the well-known brand and for her, skin matters. She worked on the idea of creating a skincare brand because she had skin issues and she was unable to find safe, soothing products with a great texture. She believes that every person should feel good in his/her skin, so she created the First Aid Beauty skincare brand to boost the confidence of the beauties. A person can do every single thing if he/she feels confident in his/her skin, so here are some of the best-selling products offered.

Skin Rescue Acne Clearing Charcoal Cleanser:

The cleanser is exceptional for the acne-prone skin, it is not only a treatment for pimples but also a protection against sun rays. Active Charcoal washes away the toxins from the skin, Bentonite cleans the pores. The constituents enhance the skin’s ability to combat the bacteria that cause skin problems. They also cope with the dry skin and turns the skin bright. So, the product works for solving multiple skin problems for a flawless look.

Facial Radiance AHA Intensive Peel:

The innovative formula takes just 3 minutes for turning the dull skin bright. The peel is made up of rare constituents and the combination gives a smooth texture to the skin. The product makes the skin radiant and provides clarity to the skin. The product doesn’t have side effects and it removes the dead skin cells to rejuvenate the skin.

Ultra-repair cannabis and oat dry oil:

If anyone is looking for relieving the stressed skin, then this oil is the best choice as it is filled with 16 cold-pressed active botanicals. All of them work together to calm down the skin and also soothe the dryness. It absorbs in the skin and doesn’t give a greasy look; it boosts the natural healing process of the skin. The oil never irritates the sensitive skin and it is suitable for all skin types. There is no scent added to it because some people are allergic to it.

Pure Skin Face Cleanser:

Face demands extra care as it is exposed to the environmental factors, so pure skin face cleanser functions properly to cleanse the impurities. The texture is creamy which keeps the skin soft, the constituents calm down the irritated skin and they also keep the skin safe from environmental aggressors.

First Aid Beauty skincare has real solutions for skin issues and different products target different skin challenges. All the products are tested before the launch as the brand takes special care of the customers. At, products of the brand are available at a reasonable price.

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