J. Cat Review

J. Cat

In 2012, J.Cat was launched with the mission to make the world of cosmetics more exciting with the bold colours and it’s a brand that is in favour of the animals. Each letter in the name tells something, J is for just which means the brand care for its customers and never compromises on the quality.  C shows the brand is cruelty-free, A is for affordable and T is for trendy. The products are launched depending on the trend and beauty influencers love J. Cat cosmetics for offering innovative products in bold colours.

Wonder Lip Paint:

Lips are a focused part of the face; the look can be unimpressive if they are not adorned with the high-quality lip colour. Wonder lip paint knows all and it is available in multiple shades, so one can choose depending on the occasion. Bold colours look perfect in the night party, while soft colours are for everyday makeup demands. It is available in white and black colours which allow mixing it in any other colour to make its shade lighter or darker. It lasts all day, but never dehydrate the lips and makes them dry.

Tapered Lashes:

Not much effort is required to make the face attractive, just adding depth to the eyes is enough and tapered lashes can alone do it. The lashes look natural and they are not heavy, so girls can make their eyes seducing with the feathery lashes every day. The false eyelashes are available in various shapes and length, they enhance the length and volumize it without giving a fake look. The brand also offers eyelashes glue to keep them in place for the whole day, it is water-proof so washing face will not affect them.

8-Count Palette:

8 count palette comes in 3 variations including the nude and bold colours for the desired look. The girls who love to give seducing looks should go for Blush Me, Cheeky Palette while those who like to look sober can choose Hide & Seek palette with blendable nude shades. There are 8 shades to enhance the looks suiting the occasion. Rosy cheeks are flattering and the nude shades are attractive as well.

J. Cat also offers the makeup tools for the perfect dress up as correct makeup application requires proper tools. The cosmetics of the brand are pocket-friendly and they are free of chemicals. It’s an unrivalled brand when it comes to quality as it is not sacrificed for the matchless look. Aodour.pk offers the J. Cat products to be delivered at home, so order now and get your parcel within no time.

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