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The brand was created with the belief no one born glamorous, the look is created and Mr. Max Factor was the founder. He was a makeup artist, who was behind the beautiful looks of a lot of Hollywood actresses. He commenced working on manufacturing the beauty products as he believed glamour should be accessible to every woman. Max Factor cosmetics was launched in 1914 and after two years, he launched eye shadow and eyebrow pencils so the woman can shape their eyebrows for the seducing look. After 4 years, he launched a full range of cosmetics and called it Make-Up, the term was introduced by him. Here are some great makeup products of the brand that earned an Oscar to its founder:

Creamy Blush:

The creamy blendable blush settles on the cheeks without making them greasy, gives natural-looking pink colour for the stupendous appearance. For the light touch, blend it outwards to the cheekbones and for a bold look, tap it directly on the cheeks. Its light-weight and it bestows a lustrous look making it great for everyday application.

Brow Sharper Pencil:

Brow shaping is necessary for the face-framing, it makes them look impressive. The pencil comes with multiple features of defining, filling and shaping which makes it an all-in-one solution for the eyebrow definition demands. Brush comb makes blending easy which is required for not giving a fake eyebrow look. It is available in three shades, so the women possessing different skin complexions can find the one matching their skin tone.

Facefinity Flawless Concealer:

Offer multiple benefits of concealing the blemishes, dark spots and also balances the uneven skin tone for the impeccable look. It is lightweight and it stays for long, it is touch-proof and never gives a fake look. It turns the skin clear with the silky texture which is demanded by every woman. The skin feels great when applied for an immaculate look, it glides on without any difficulty as the consistency is creamy. It is crease-proof and never settles between the fine lines, it assists in minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. A solution of redness on the skin as it covers and gives a firm appearance. A great choice for the individuals with the skin full of spots and who are looking to cover the dark circles.

Radiant Lift Concealer:

Enriched with vitamins, the radiant lift concealer camouflages the dark circles and turns the skin radiant. It is easily blendable and works great in making the skin glow for long hours. It is an amazing formula for turning the dark complexion into bright, it offers radiant finish to the face by concealing the dark spots.

All the products offered by Max Factor deliver great results, you can order them from and get the delivery at home.

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