Established a decade ago, the story behind the creation of Moroccanoil haircare is argan oil turning the dry hair smooth. Carmen Tal who is the founder of the brand was away from her home and she was annoyed by her dry hair, so she applied argan oil on them. She felt the softness and the hair turned lively after the wash proving the oil is beneficial in making the hair healthy and shiny. It was from where the journey of showing the magic of argan oil to the whole world began. The oil comes with omega 3 and 6 as well as vitamin E which works well on the hair, here are some of the products loved by the people living in different parts of the world:

Intense Hydrating Mask:

Treating hair for just five minutes with this mask provides smooth and lively hair, it’s a creamy conditioner that improves the texture of the hair. It adds elasticity to the hair to reduce the damage, it contains a nourishing agent that makes the hair manageable. It’s the treatment for the dryness breaking the hair, it provides deep hydration.

Oily Scalp Treatment:

Oily scalp is irritating as it attracts the dust which gets accumulated on it and it makes the hair give bad look. So, the scalp treatment comes with the ginger oil infused with argan oil to assist in balancing oil production. The serum soothes inflamed hair follicle as the oil production is managed by it, it works great in reviving the dull hair.

Moisture and Shine Conditioner:

The conditioner is infused with shea butter to hydrate the hair and it contains light orange fragrance which smells great. It is rich with the replenishing agent to revive the dull and dry hair as they can make or break the overall look of the person. Just a few minutes of treatment with the conditioner is enough to lock in the moisture for the whole day. The shine conditioner makes the hair sleek as well as nourished for the silky attractive appearance.

Body Souffle:

The cream containing shea butter and rose fragrance nourishes the skin and makes it smooth for the soft feel. It goes deep down the skin for the hydration and it gets absorbed in the skin within no time to treat the dryness, it’s great for the winter season. The whip is awesome in creating softness on the skin which helps to prevent the cracks.

The brand not only offers the products for hair but also for the body as it cares for its customers. There is no need to waste your time or money if you want the Morocconoil products as they are available at and you can get them at home at an affordable rate.

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