Myths About Acne You are Still Believing

Myths about acne you are still believing

Do you know every single thing related to acne? Some facts may surprise you as there are numerous myths that have nothing to do with breakouts. But people still believe them and act accordingly and you know what? They are being fooled, so here you will get to know the misconceptions about acne and how to deal with them. Before discussing the myths, have a look at the types of acne:

  • Acne on Face:

Breakouts on the chin and neck are mostly due to the hormonal imbalance. But it doesn’t mean that it is the teenage issue because puberty causes hormonal imbalance. Even adults can experience it and the main reason is anxiety. Organic daily facewash by the Bottle in a Spa is a perfect acne remover to tackle acne as well as aging signs.

  • Acne near hairline:

Pimples near the hairline on the forehead are the result of oily hair products and styling gels. Excessive sweating and too much makeup also cause hairline acne.

· Acne on Body Parts:

Acne on the covered body parts is caused by sweaty clothes, but diet and internal body function can also be a culprit.

Here are the myths you should stop believing:

  • Control stress and there will be no pimple:

Do you really think controlling stress can control acne? It can control breakouts to some extent but don’t forget that it is a multifactorial issue. No doubt anxiety unbalances the hormonal production and excessive oil is produced by the gland due to which pimples pop up. But the pollution and other environmental stressors are also a reason behind the acne.

  • Pick the pimples right way

No way is right to pick the pimples, it leaves suborn marks or spreads infection. Many people believe that picking pimples will help to get rid of them faster, but the issue only gets worse once the pimple is touched inappropriately.

  • Dirt is the reason behind acne

Be informed that dirt is not only and always the reason behind acne. Bacteria and oil on the skin both are culprits, the issue gets worse when dirt combines get in contact with them. There is a need to cleanse away excess oil and bacteria from the face for which you can use 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash offered by Soap & Glory. It is the best face wash which not only helps to purge away the oil, it also polishes the skin for the glow.

  • Washing face frequently prevent breakouts

Yes, it is true as washing face sweeps away the dirt. But washing frequently is harmful as it strips away the hydration and interferes with the natural oil which leads to dryness.

  • Scrubbing away grime prevent acne

Scrubbing away grime is crucial to keep the uppermost layer lively and healthy as dead skin requires to be removed for avoiding acne. But scrubbing should be gentle as people believe in harsh exfoliation which damages the skin instead of preventing breakouts.

  • Consuming water flushes out acne

There is something to understand that consuming too much water flushes out toxins causing acne. But it can’t help get rid of the acne issue permanently. Drinking water makes the skin glowing, but it’s a misconception that waterworks magically in treating the acne for a lifetime.

So, focus on the facts and don’t go with false beliefs. Browse to order acne remover or best face wash to treat the issue.

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