OGX Review

OGX Review

The owner of OGX Todd Christopher was from the family of hairdressers, he was not interested in studies so, he dropped out and began selling hair care products. He launched his own brand in 2006 with extensive research and experience of hair care products which got famous for providing effective results and nourishment to the hair. According to the founder, the brand approaches beauty in its own way and special attention is paid to the exotic constituents as well as the shape of the bottles to make them attention-grabbing. Listed below are some great launches by OGX haircare which are loved by the individuals for their outstanding results:

Bamboo Fiber-full Shampoo:

Who doesn’t love thick and voluminous hair? Everyone likes managed and fuller hair because they add to the personality of the individual. The volume adding feature if combined with an exotic fragrance increases the value of a product and the same is the case with bamboo shampoo. Here are the qualities which make the shampoo unrivaled when it comes to turning thin hair into thick for fuller-looking:

  • Improving volume
  • Increasing thickness
  • Boosting energy
  • Adding fullness

The bottle of the shampoo is just like the other creative standard bottles created by the brand but the color is unique and vibrant. The bright green color and the image of plants in the background are eye-catching.

Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo:

The hair can only be made lively and healthy if the scalp is taken care of because if the base is full of grime, then it is impossible to expect energized impressive hair. The shampoo comes with the extracts of cherry blossom which rejuvenates the scalp and sweeps away the dirt affecting the hair. Look at the features of the shampoo here:

  • Removing grime
  • Scalp rejuvenation
  • Adding volume to roots
  • Bestowing shine

Oil is secreted on the scalp due to which the dirt sticks to it and makes the hair oily, also damages them. It’s an amazing solution of scalp cleansing when its full of grime and turns the hair voluptuous.

Orchid Oil Shampoo:

Are you looking for a product for making your hair color last longer? It’s a perfect choice as it not only locks the color but also replenishes the hair because hair dyes damage them. The shampoo makes it possible to take care of the multi-faceted tones on the hair and here are the unique features of orchid oil shampoo:

  • Prevents color fading
  • Hair replenishing
  • UV rays protection

The orchid extracts work well when it’s the matter of treating the dyed hair and the grapeseed oil is great in replenishing them.

All the hair care products by OGX are worth investing money because they take proper care of the hair. You can order the products now from Aodour.pk with the ease of getting them delivered at home.

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