Reasons Behind Blemishes And How To Purge Them

Reasons Behind Blemishes And How To Purge Them

Blemish is a common word but the reality is distressing. It is easy to get blemishes but hard to get rid of them. A blemish is an off-colored flaw that affects the overall appearance of an individual. Depending on the reason why the annoying blemish is on the face, it may go away with time or the stubborn spot requires proper treatment. Preventing blemishes is better to treat them after they ruin the overall look. So, here are the reasons which cause blemishes and how to purge them for getting back the impressive appearance.

  • Uncovered sun exposure:

Sun which lights up the earth is an enemy of skin and most people know it. But don’t bother to cover their skin which affects it adversely as well as leaves the dark spots. Sun rays are harmful in a way that they reach the inner layers of the skin and damage all of them. So, going under the sun without wearing a sunscreen creates the spots on the face and hyperpigmentation as well.

  • Abnormal hormonal production:

Sometimes disturbance in hormones is shown by the face in the form of acne. The skin of kids is affected by the hormonal changes mostly when they reach the puberty age. But adults also experience the pimple issue if they are too much stressed as anxiety disturbs the production of the hormone. So, hormonal changes in the body can be a reason behind the acne which never goes away without leaving its irritating marks.

  • Severe skin infections:

Skin infections or diseases like chickenpox are the reason for blemishes in many cases. The marks of infections take time in going away, but it is not impossible to get rid of them.

  • Grime filled blackheads:

Do you know the reason for blackhead formation? If not then it is formed with the combination of sebum, grime, and air in the pores. It appears as a tiny black spot on the face which may look small but have too much inside in the form of dirt. It requires effort to get rid of the blackhead or whitehead and the worst thing is they leave the marks.

How to purge blemishes away?

  • Oil-Free Acne Wash: (Neutrogena)

An innovative formula to treat breakouts, blackheads, and blemishes. It is an all-in-one best face wash which is enough to treat the skin in the morning and at night.

  • Anti-blemish spot treatment: (Clinique)

As the name shows, it is an anti-blemish spot treatment that promotes healing and also contains anti-inflammatory agents. It works both as acne remover and a solution for blemishes making the skin unclear.

  • Charcoal acne cleanser: (Biore)

It comes with salicylic to treat pimples and charcoal to cleanse the pores. It gives the cooling and soothing feeling to the skin. The refreshing effect can be seen with the glow and clear skin. It is an amazing acne remover that cleanses the pores from grime to prevent breakouts and also treat pimples if demanded.

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