Skincare Routine For Dry And Oily Skin

Skincare Routine For Dry And Oily Skin

There are many people out there who don’t bother to take care of their skin until it is radiant and impressive. Skin is strong and sensitive at the same time as it bears the environmental aggressors and it absorbs everything until it becomes impossible to stay attractive. Then it shows the sensitive side and one should keep in mind that the negative effects are irreversible in most of the cases. Different skin types demand different skincare products and the routine, so given below is the skincare routine for dry and oily skin.

For Dry Skin

1st step: Cleanser

It is the first and the essential part of the routine because trapping the dirt and bacteria in the skin by layering it with the best skin care products without cleansing it makes no sense. Fab pore foam cleanser by Soap & Glory works well in purifying the pores, it comes with the soothing features which make it great for the inflammation or redness on the skin.

2nd step: Toner

Toner is for pores tightening which are applied after the face is properly cleansed.

3rd step: Serum

Serums get absorbed in the skin when the pores are clean, so it needs to be applied after the toner. Truly Komal glow serum is great for skin rejuvenation, it comes with the nourishing properties.

4th step: Moisturizer

Moisturizer is the fourth layer of the dry skincare routine, silk drop moisturizer by Cailyn is awesome to lock in the hydration.

5th step: Sunscreen

It comes in the last and it is the most important product which keeps the outer layer safe from the harmful sun rays.

For Oily Skin

1st step: Cleanser

Every type of skin demands cleansing and pore purifying for getting rid of the dirt but the oily skin requires deep cleansing as the sebum production is more as compared to other skin types. Deep pore cleanser by Biore is one of the best skin care products which clear away the grime and leaves the skin fresh as well as matte.

2nd step: Toner

Toner is essential to shrink the enlarged pores and adding glow to the face. Oil regulating toner by Nivea visage helps in controlling the oil over the face.

3rd step: Oil-free moisturizer

Hydro boost gel cream by Neutrogena is best for the oily skin and it doesn’t contain oil which disturbs the greasy skin.

4th step: Sunscreen

It is not something to ignore no matter what is the skin type, it is the protective layer that keeps the skin safe from environmental factors.

5th step: Serum

It comes at the end when the skin is oily, Vitamin C booster is outstanding for the greasy skin as it keeps the outer layer matte.

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