Soap & Glory Review

Soap & Glory Review

Marcia Kilgore who was already the owner of footwear and spa launched a makeup company for providing prime-quality cosmetics to the ladies. Now the brand is loved by the girls for launching the trendy products with which they can enhance their beauty to stand out from the crowd. An extensive range of products are offered by the brand so, the females can choose according to their personality and the colors which suit them. From all the awesome makeup and skincare products manufactured by the brand, here are a few with the outstanding reviews:

Sexy Mother Pucker:

A famous production by the brand is available in two variations including matte and shiny. The formula is creamy and there are 12 colors ranging from light to dark to select the shade complements the complexion. The hydration boosting lipstick never dries out the pout and it stays on the lips for long.

Melty Talented:

The balm comes with Vitamin E which is magical for the skin, it nourishes and hydrates it. One of the unique qualities of the product is it can be applied anywhere on the body if the area is dry, it softens and makes it feel awesome. The formula is infused with coconut and almond, the combination is best for the healthy supple skin. The balm turns into oil when it comes in contact with the body and the mango butter in the product bestows the softness. An individual can apply it on the dry lips or the hair tips, it can be rubbed on the nails for purging dryness. It is alone enough for the soothed feeling, so it is the outstanding option for treating dryness of multiple body areas that’s why it is named as melty talented.

Fat Eyeliner:

It comes with a fat tip for the perfect application in just one stroke for the trendy look. The formula is fast drying and long-lasting, the tip is slanted with the thick and thin application ease. The eye can be defined with the thin eyeliner using the tip and one can use the slanted area for applying thick eyeliner.

Sugar Crush:

The scrub is the combination of lime and almond oil, it sweeps away the dead skin and leaves the skin smooth. It works well in softening the elbows and it energizes the skin to glow. Sugar crush treats the skin gently and the light fragrance of vanilla smells great. It scrubs away the dull and dark skin to reveal the shiny inner layer, so it is best to use on the tedious skin.

Soap & glory skincare is a reputed brand offering amazing products.  You can purchase them from at an affordable rate and on your doorstep. So, order now and grab your piece to take care of your body and look stunning with the unique hues.

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