Tangle Teezer Review

Tangle Teezer Review

Shaun Pulfrey is the founder of Tangle Teezer who stepped in the practical field in 1978 as a hair colorist and he worked in well-known salons after which he planned to produce hairbrushes for detangling. He wanted to introduce the unique hair detangling tool and he also shared the hairstyling tips through the book Wanna Be Blonde. The idea of a detangling tool was not supported by successful businessmen, but a large number of orders for hairbrushes increased the value of the brand. In 2007, the brushes were started manufacturing and in 2009, got a huge profit and became successful. Here are some of the best hairbrushes launched by the Tangle Teezer haircare:

Large Peach Glow Detangler:

It is an amazing detangling solution for the curly or thick hair, it comes with the bigger brushing area to handle the volume of the hair. It has 433 flexible teeth that work well when distributing hair products. It is not heavy and never breaks the hair, the handle is manufactured with the easy-grip design. It is perfect to be used when taking a bath as it assists in cleansing the scalp with the shampoo in the hair. It is not suggested to use with the heat like people use the hairbrush with the straightener and curler. Here are the features of peach-colored detangler with the big surface:

  • Hair and scalp cleansing
  • Minimizes hair breakage
  • Even distribution of hair products

Back-Combing Hair Brush:

The quicker and the most reliable way of back-combing, it adds volume to the hair. Desired height can be added to the hair for the awesome styling and it never breaks the hair when detangling. The brush can be used for any hair type and it is created with a unique method containing two-tiered teeth. Special attention is paid on the design of the brush, the space between the brush teeth is carefully added, so the brush doesn’t pull the hair. The innovatively designed brush is appreciated by the hairstylists as it makes increasing the hair volume hassle-free. The brush comes with the following qualities:

  • Adds long-lasting volume
  • Enhances the texture
  • Offers height to hair
  • Minimize damage
  • Reduce hair breakage

The ultimate pink:

The brush comes with longer and softer teeth for detangling dry hair, it works great in blending the hair extensions. It is created with the easy to hold design, so the person doesn’t face issue brushing hair. Have a look at the qualities of the ultimate pink brush:

  • Dress dry hair
  • Blend in clip-ins
  • Soft tips for detangling

Tangle Teezer is an awesome idea because not many brands offer hair detangling brushes and people need it badly. You can order a brush for the hair care from Aodour.pk at a reasonable rate, just add it to the cart and click to get it delivered at your home.

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