The Little-Known Facts About Men’s Skin and Men’s Care

The Little-Known Facts About Men’s Skin and Men’s Care

Women always had the upper hand when it comes to its beauty products and men have always said to be the not so caring about themselves type of persons. But the fact is that men care a lot about their skin.

Even they might have rough and tough skin which is presumed but the fact is that 65 percent of the men have very sensitive skin. This means that they care about themselves and that is why there are a lot of men’s care products in the market as well.

Believe or not but men can go in the complex as well, especially those men who have dark skin and that is why they have different whitening creams that are exclusively made for men’s skin. There are even some BB creams specially made for men’s skin. Since times are changing, men use these creams.

As compared to women, men have 56 percent more dryness on their skin. This explains why there are creams for men too. Dermatologists say that if men keep good grooming habits and make it a routine, they can have less skin damage.

Shaving is the most difficult part of every man. For some, it is not less than fatigue and that is why men are advised to shave with care to avoid different skin problem because it was estimated by different skin experts and dermatologists that 59 percent of the skin problems of men occur due to reckless shaving.

Again, different experts said that 79 percent of men need to apply sunscreen on their skin because their skin is too sensitive to be exposed to harsh sun rays. Did you know that men’s facial hair is 999 percent harder as compared to any hair of the body?

In different parts of the world, men who don’t keep beards are said to be the lesser man and in some parts of the world men who have less facial hair are said to be less manly which is not true at all.

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