Unique History and Facts of Hand Sanitizers

Unique History of Hand Sanitizers and Facts About Hand Sanitizers

This is hard to believe but hand sanitizers have a history of their own and some amazing facts as well. And one of many facts is that the first-hand sanitizer was developed by a company named GOJO in Ohio. It was developed in the 1940s, that is another thing that we have realized its actual worth. And Purell was the name of their first product.

We always had a misconception that alcohol kills all kinds of germs and bacteria but the fact is totally and this fact is confirmed by different experts around the world. And the fact is that ethanol kills 100 percent of the germs and bacteria and the hand sanitizers have 63 percent of it in their solution. Now, instead of using the soaps and different products that kill 99.9 percent of the germs, you can buy the best hand sanitizers and you can also buy different sun protection creams as well.

Coming back to the first and the best sanitizers in Pakistan; Purell. It became the famous hand sanitizer in 2004 and it was sold in the international markets. Its distribution was done by a famous and big pharmaceutical company called Pfizer. Its rights were acquired by Johnson and Johnson in 2006 but in 2010, GOJO brought back its rights.

The hand sanitizers do have alcohol but it is completely tasteless but this is a very poisonous and deadly type of alcohol so, if some of you reading this are having some clever ideas, just don’t because it can get you straight into the ER. Because it is mixed with isopropyl alcohol which is also called rubbing alcohol and glycerin.

But you can always pull a safe stunt in front of your friends since it is flammable but the heat intensity of the fire is not that much and the color of the fire also turns blue when you light it up.

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