What Triggers Acne and its Prevention

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Acne is something common, but annoying as well. It comes as an uninvited guest and leaves the marks. The unclear skin full of spots affects the personality of a person and it makes him/her feel underconfident. Breakouts are not rare for teenagers, but the issue doesn’t spare adults. It is directly linked to the clogged pores and acne also appears if the internal system of an individual is not working properly. So, here is the information on what triggers acne and how to fortify it:

Factors Triggering Pimples Pop Up:

  • Facing stress for long: Stress is unwanted but it is faced by every person at least once in a lifetime. It not only affects the thinking ability of an individual but also causes hormonal imbalance which in turn causes breakouts.
  • Hinderance in skin breathing: Wearing makeup for long hours, ignorance in removing the cosmetics and wrong choice of skincare products containing oil creates hindrance in skin breathing.
  • Reaching puberty age: When a kid hits the age of puberty, more amount of sebum is released due to the increases in androgen levels. The most affected area of the face is forehead and all the teenagers transform into an adult after facing acne.
  • Role of genetics: It is not always the individual’s own fault for which he/she faces breakouts issues. Genetics also plays a role in it if the issue passes from generation to generation.

What Picking Pimple Does:

People think that if they squeeze the pimple and extract the pus from it, it goes away in less time. But the result is opposite as it leaves the scar which takes more time to fade away. If you have acne-prone skin and you pick the pimples then have a look at the issues you have to face:

  • The pimple doesn’t disappear by squeezing it, it becomes larger.
  • The area around the pimple gets inflamed and red.
  • Pus goes deep down the pores making it difficult to extract.
  • The pimple surely leaves a scar.
  • Increases the risk of infection.

How to fortify Breakouts:

  • Clear the impurities from the face by washing twice a day, it should be washed in the morning after waking up. A mild cleanser should be used for oily skin treatment. Before going to bed, it is crucial to sweep away the dirt to keep the skin healthy. Don’t forget to wash the face in the summer season after reaching home because sweating also causes breakouts.
  • Oil covers the scalp and hair if the person doesn’t wash them after every two days. Dirt sticks to the oil on the hair and when it touches the face, it creates trouble in the form of acne.
  • Avoid greasy food and limit the intake of fried eatables, it disturbs the internal system of the body and pimples appear to affect facial beauty.
  • Go for the makeup which is oil-free because it irritates the skin especially in the case of oily skin. Water-based cosmetics are perfect for enhancing facial beauty without landing in the trouble of dealing with pimples.
  • Changes in lifestyle help in preventing acne and reducing the intake of dairy products are beneficial for people who have hormonal issues. Hormones in the dairy products interfere with the natural hormonal production. Consuming products with less amount of sugar assists in avoiding the breakouts, so a little bit of change in eating habits can bring a lot of change in the acne issue.

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